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system recovery LAPTOP

Tunjukkan huruf latin
Use of this laptop is not so new stuff. Laptops have become everyone's needs.

By the time we bought a laptop a few already and operating system (OS), be it Windows or Linux, but most have not included cd for the os. and what if the windows or OS laptop we suddenly broken. Do not panic, turned out in our laptop HD has been available partition containing the OS / Windows that we can recovery, roughly reinstall process to be like when we first bought the laptop.

Here are some ways how we restore the OS / Windows we are damaged through the process of recovery.

1. Laptop HP / Compaq

* Turn on Computer
* Press F10 when logo HP / Compaq seen
* Recovery screen will appear and press Next and Yes
* For Other Options, Advanced level, could Select Advanced
* Once completed the Recovery Proces will Restart your Laptop

2. ACER Laptop

* Turn on Computer
* Press ALT and F10 at the same time a white screen Acer Bios
* Acer will Erocovery loading click Restore to Factory Default Settings
* Click OK to continue
* If the process has been completed Erocevery press OK to restart the Laptop

3. Dell Laptop

* Turn on the Computer / Laptop
* Press CTRL and F11 at the same time Dell logo appears
* Dell PC Restore will appear, Select Restore and ENTER
* Click Confirm to continue
* If the process of restoring has completed click Finish and ENTER.

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