Minggu, 24 Januari 2010


Here are tips and tricks in the purchase of computers or hardware:

1. If limited funds to purchase computers, use the following ways:
Purchase mainboard contained on-board hardware is another therein. Like the i810 mainboard AGP on-board share 2Mb on-board 3D sound (Yamaha XG chipset) on-board LAN on-board 56k V90 fax modem, which the market can be purchased at a price of U.S. $ 80. This will save compared to buying the hardware in the unit, with almost same quality. Even the quality of on-board AGP is nearly equal to 8MB AGP card, although only requires 2Mb of RAM your computer, but it's there in the memory buffer mainboardnya. Note: in order to share the AGP memory not interfere with computer operation, it is better if done adding RAM.

2. If your budget is really limited, you can use mencuba hardware
the condition is still good. Cubalah buy processors used, because the damage is rare in the processor, and you can buy other harware with the new price. Make sure you did not buy the hard disk, CD-ROM, and RAM second, because of the damage from the hardware is very high.

3. If you try to overclock, make sure not to change the voltage
because it would reduce the age of the hardware. We have the AMD processor overclock since the beginning of the assembly and it still works fine because it does not change the voltage.

4. Overall, after you make sure you buy a computer

get WARRANTY from the seller, and you can examine it carefully. For example:
a. Mainboard ASUS has a 3-year warranty from pengeluarnya
b. Visipro brand RAM has a lifetime warranty.
c. RAM NeoPower brands have a lifetime warranty.

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