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Computers are now widely used for various purposes, ranging from the need
business to individuals. The use of computers is very easy, it takes only
understanding of the basic techniques in operating a computer. If you
not used to using a computer, then this guide is expected to be a guideline
quick to master the ways of computing from the beginning.

One of the operating system most popular in the community
is Microsoft Windows. Windows
lets you work easily, quickly, and comfortable.
In this tutorial, we will use the operating system
Windows version of Windows XP is commonly used.
Turning on the computer begin
Before you start your computer, make sure the cable
power has been connected to electricity. To get started,
simply press the Power button on the computer or
laptop. Wait until the process is running up the screen
Windows display.
Note: Some computers were given a password or password
to be able to enter and use the computer. You must
typing the user name and password. If you do not know,
this question or ask the owner for making the user
and the password itself.
Learning Using a Mouse
Now the computer is ready for use. Operation
computer using keyboard and
mouse. Here's how to use the mouse:
Pointer: the arrow on the screen,
position following the mouse movements.
Function as a bookmark to do
Click: press and release the left button
mouse rapidly at a particular object in
screen. Its function is to select the object.
For example, arrows point the mouse pointer
to the Start button at the bottom right corner of the screen,
results will appear list view
program in Windows.
Click Twice or Double Click: press and
release the left mouse button twice
rapidly at an object on the screen. Functions
to run the program.
For example, point the pointer to the image
My Computer on the corner of the screen and click the two
times, the computer will display the results
box contains the data contents in
computer. Click on a cross in the upper right
the box that appears to close it.
Right-click: press and release the button
right mouse button. Its function is to display
a list of commands that can be run on
selected object on the screen. To run
command, click on one of the commands
For example, right-click on My picture
Computer, the result appears a list of commands
which can be run on My Computer.
The next example click the Open command
to open My Computer.
Drag and Drop: pressing the left mouse button
without releasing the selected objects,
then shifts (drag) to another position and
release the mouse button (drop). Functions
to move the position of an object.
For example, do drag and drop to
move the image in My Computer
Know Your Views on the Screen
You have to know Glance some
display screen when trained on the
mouse. The following detailed explanation of each of
display :
Desktop: The main areas on the screen, usually
have a certain picture or photograph. There
there are small pictures, called
with the icon.
Icons: a small image into the
shortcut to run the computer program
Start Menu: the key to
displays a list of computer programs for
Taskbar: the bottom line on your screen.
In addition to the Start button, there will be displayed
the list of running programs.
SystemTray or Notification Area: icon-con
small in the right corner of the Taskbar. Function
displays the status of several programs
which usually starts automatically
by computer. For example, there you are
can find the time and date, or if
on a laptop you can find out if
laptop battery will run out or are still full.
Window or window: display box
a program is run, for example
My Computer window that you open when
practice using the mouse.
Controlling Program Window
In each view the program, will always appear three buttons
small in the upper right corner. Its function is:
Close: Click this to close the window and end
Maximize / Restore: Maximize click to enlarge
a full-screen window, click Restore in the position
together to restore the window to the previous size.
Minimize: click here to close the temporary window
program. In this position, the program is still running and
only hidden appearance. To show
again, click the program name in the Taskbar.
You can run several programs at once.
Use Minimize to switch between programs or
operate each program.
Know Some Computer Programs
Besides Calculator program, there are several programs that
already provided Windows. Some of them:
• Windows Media Player: to play songs and movies.
• Games program group, containing several programs
• Accessories program group, containing the program
simple, such as:
o Paint: simple program for drawing.
o Notepad: to write simple programs.
o Windows Explorer: a program to manage
files and folders, like My Computer.
In addition, you may find some programs
additional prevalent in a computer, namely:
• Microsoft Office program group, containing programprogram
to create documents, making calculations
figures and tables, and making presentations.
• Photoshop and CorelDraw, drawing program.
• WinAmp: program to play the song.
The programs above are available for added
alone. The procedure is called Install.

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